Wellbeing Courses

We believe that creating well-balanced and healthy children who can learn to manage their emotions is equally as important as getting good grades, if not more so.

Approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK suffers from a mental health problem each year, and 75% of all mental illnesses start before the age of 18.

Our ‘Mindfulness, wellbeing and resilience classes’ have been created specifically for KS1 and KS2 to help them develop skills to manage and deal appropriately with any issues before they develop into something further.

Concepts such as resiliency, tolerance, wellbeing and confidence are all incredibly difficult subjects for children to grasp. As the leading children’s specialists in entertainment, we are able to explore these tough concepts in a much easier and fun way that kids can engage with and understand.

In an increasingly fast-paced world, learn to slow down and be in the moment

Tommy Balaam & Ricky Fox – Captain Fantastic

What we offer schools

Discovery Day

Our discovery day is a full day of wellbeing workshops and activities. One of our entertaining experts will take the children on a journey involving magic, superheroes, games, bubbles, puppets, microphones and other age-appropriate exercises. We help children to understand their thoughts, feelings and actions in ways they can enjoy and connect with.

After School Club

We run our Feeling Fantastic club after school, as an extracurricular activity funded by the parents. Each session is created around a particular topic such as confidence, self-control, resilience and community to name a few. We have a proven process and format for each weekly class that all our entertainers follow.

Free Wellbeing Assembly

We also offer a free wellbeing assembly to any school that would like to start introducing resilience, tolerance and mindfulness to their students.

What’s involved in our Discovery Day and classes?

We always start with a Mindful moment, body scan and a stretch to focus and engage the children’s attention – Most of the time children are told to ‘pay attention’ but are rarely shown how.

We then introduce the sessions special topic, followed by a number of team exercises, active games, magic tricks and tasks. We discuss what they have learnt and how they can continue to put these skills into practice. The session is finished by bringing out the ‘Aspiration box’, where every child puts inside something they want to aspire to do or achieve that week.

Our aim is for every child to live a happy and well-balanced life.

Wellbeing isn’t just for inside the classroom, it’s imperative that it’s outside the classroom too. We must all learn to look after our mental health, understand how to deal with stress, build relationships, and to live and work productively.

People with high self-control have better grades, show fewer impulse control problems, and also show greater self-acceptance and self-esteem. What’s more, high self-control is linked to better family relationships and less conflict and better emotional responses.

A recent poll from over 6,000 teachers commissioned by ‘Young Minds Charity’ found that 93% of teachers believe that the education system places too much focus on academic performance and not enough on children’s wellbeing.

The government’s publication on mental health and behaviour in schools also stated “It is important that schools promote good mental wellbeing for all pupils”. Our Feeling fantastic sessions will help your children develop important skills before issues develop further.

Orange Lion Club
London SW18

A great idea! We’ve used Captain Fantastic for our parties for ages, so when they mentioned about their wellbeing classes we jumped at the chance!

Parents and children have welcomed it with open arms. We will continue to use Captain Fantastic as it’s clear they really do care. Thanks!


My daughter absolutely loves Feeling Fantastic. She comes home all excited talking about all the funny things Captain Fantastic got up to!

She now does her ‘Superhero Yoga’ poses that she learnt in class and loves telling us all about George (the monkey) and in her words how ‘it’s nice to practise kindness to others’ like she does in the compliment circle. It’s lovely to see and hear – Thank you!

Lucy Chapman (Head Teacher)
Sutton Primary School

The children were completely engaged in all the games and exercises, and enthusiastically joined in with reflection and discussion at every opportunity.

Captain Fantastic now leads a weekly after-school club where the demand for places has been terrific, testament to the subject matter and style of delivery – attractive for both pupils and parents.

Interested, but not a school?

Don’t panic, we offer our wellbeing courses for all manner of other events. Our courses are perfect for corporate fun days and private events.

Get in touch today to find out how our mindfulness courses might fit in to your event.