We are extremely proud to specialise in entertaining KS2 students – Every member of our team is a highly skilled, professional performers or actors and they understand that children in this age group want to be treated like young adults, not like kids. Our entertainers are completely engaging, enthusiastic and most importantly up to date with the latest routines, trends and music.

We find that a disco party is the best way to celebrate, bringing everyone together and cementing friendships. Let us arrange the most amazing party, which the children will always look back on and help make their memories of school positive and packed with party fun!

We host many incredible parties, from Year 6 leavers’, Christmas and Halloween to themed school discos and entertainment across the UK. Whether you have a small group or want the entire year or school involved, we can cater to your needs. Captain Fantastic provides the full package, helping to create memories to last a lifetime without the hassle and pressure of putting on a great party.

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As well as hosting the very best school parties, we’re very passionate about the health and wellbeing of the younger generation. This is why we created our ‘Feeling Fantastic’ classes and parties to introduce mindfulness and wellbeing to children through fun and engaging ways.

We offer discovery days, after-school clubs and even free assemblies. All of these are designed to educate children on confidence, resilience, managing emotions and many more to help guide them towards a healthy future.

Our discovery days are jam-packed full of workshops and activities that help children to understand their thoughts and feelings in a fun way that includes lots of music, magic and movement.

Our Feeling Fantastic after-school clubs are created around specific topics and with the help of our expert entertainers, the children expand their knowledge and learn new skills to help with their development.

We now offer fundraising magic or disco parties for schools at half price to raise money towards our feeling fantastic discovery days. If you’d like to find out more, please speak with one of our team.

What We Offer Schools


Discovery Day

A full day of wellbeing workshops and activities. Our entertaining experts will take the children on a journey involving magic, superheroes, games, bubbles, puppets, microphones and other age-appropriate exercises. We help children to understand their thoughts, feelings and actions in ways they can enjoy and connect with.

After School Club

We run our Feeling Fantastic club after school, as an extracurricular activity funded by the parents. Each session is created around a particular topic such as confidence, self-control, resilience and community to name a few. We have a proven process and format for each weekly class that all our entertainers follow.
Halloween corporate family day

Free Wellbeing Assembly

We offer a free wellbeing assembly to any school that would like to start introducing resilience, tolerance and mindfulness to their students. Simply get in touch to see our availability to come to your school.