Our Story

About Captain Fantastic

Our children’s parties are the perfect way to celebrate any occasion. From Birthdays to School Discos to Corporate Entertainment, we’ve got it covered.

Our Mission

Spread joy and happiness worldwide by being the beacon of children’s entertainment excellence.

Our Vision

Forge a comprehensive 360-degree experience where children worldwide immerse themselves in the captivating world of Captain Fantastic, engaging through watching, listening, and interactive participation, fostering unforgettable memories and learning experiences.

The story so far...

Once upon a time, in the magical year of 2010, Tommy Balaam donned his graduation cap from East 15 acting school and stumbled upon his true superpower: crafting the most unforgettable children’s parties imaginable. With a twinkle in his eye and a heart full of wonder, Tommy brought to life the legendary Captain Fantastic—a superhero on a mission to rescue every party from the clutches of ordinary!

But every hero needs sidekicks! In 2013, Tommy’s best friend and fellow East 15 graduate, Ricky Fox, joined the adventure, adding a dash of excitement and creativity to the mix. Together, this dynamic duo soared to new heights, introducing groundbreaking parties and even pioneering Mindfulness & Wellbeing courses for kids—a first in the realm of party magic!

However, every story has its twists. In 2022, Ricky Fox bid adieu to the Captain Fantastic team, leaving behind a legacy of joy and laughter. Fear not, for the adventure continued! In 2023, Kris Mitchell stepped into the limelight, becoming a partner in the American side of our business. With Kris at the helm, alongside Tommy’s visionary leadership, and supported by a team of over 60 entertainers and 11 franchises across the UK, our superhero squad’s energy skyrocketed, ensuring that every child’s experience is not just entertaining but downright electrifying! Armed with a treasure trove of experience in children’s entertainment and a deep understanding of sensory play, education, and everything fun under the sun, Tommy and Kris steer the ship of Captain Fantastic towards its glittering success story today.


And the adventure doesn’t stop there! Captain Fantastic has embraced the digital age, launching “Captain Fantastic Adventures,” a YouTube series that shines a spotlight on family-fun locations perfect for your little ones’ next escapade. Hold onto your party hats—our excitement knows no bounds as we set sail to conquer the land of stars and stripes! In early 2023, we planted our superhero flag in the heart of Los Angeles, and the buzz of our arrival is already sweeping across the nation like wildfire. Watch out, America—Captain Fantastic is here to sprinkle some extraordinary magic your way!

Company Values


We believe in our three E’s- Entertain, Engage, Educate. We teach children in a fun and entertaining manner, we will retain their attention and fully engage with them in a non-patronising format, ensuring they receive a lasting educative experience. Small steps lead to big possibilities.


Captain Fantastic aims to be our industry’s leader. Our unique parties will remain the very best in live children’s entertainment and we will employ channels such as music, our YouTube channel, games, books, toys and other effective media to inform people of our work and keep our brand a creative working entity at all times.

Share Happiness

We love making people happy! We want everybody we work with or entertain to feel as happy as we do. Our staff and customers are of equal importance to us and we want every part of the Captain Fantastic experience to exude our sense of joy. We’re living the dream and think you should too!

Keep it Simple

We want our clientele to feel happy and stress-free. Listening is vital; we can understand our customer’s vision, build a strong rapport and offer the best advice and suggestions to turn their dream into a reality. This is a site parents and party organisers can turn to for help, advice and effective solutions - a “one-stop-shop” for children’s parties.

Deborah Artieri

Vice President

“They took away all the stress and we’ve had some wonderful feedback from all the staff and parents.”

Our Team

All our staff here at Captain Fantastic are committed to providing second-to-none quality entertainment. We understand the importance of fully engaging the party audience’s attention to make sure your child has a blast, and to keep them completely captivated so the adults can sit back and relax!

All of our entertainers and Dj’s are:

Our friendly office staff will always be happy to assist with any questions and enquiries you have.