Captain Fantastic



"Spread happiness, create memories and earn a fantastic living"

Our Adventure So Far

We are Captain Fantastic and we invite you to join us on our journey of creating fun, joy and memories for families across the country. We are extremely proud to be voted the UK’s number one children’s entertainment company by the trusted reviewing site FreeIndex. We have over 1000 five star reviews across Facebook, Google, & FreeIndex and an engaged Facebook following of 65,000+.

We are the go-to party company for amazing brands such as Nickelodeon, Bright Horizons, Heart Radio, Pokémon and GOSH. We are also highly regarded and recommended by many celebrities who use our services for their own children’s parties. Our London office organises more than 2000 children’s events every single year and by franchising our company, we are able to spread our vision and values much further.

Don’t Miss Out

We have been running for over a decade and are extremely proud to be voted as the UK’s number one children’s entertainment company by trusted review site FreeIndex. Not only are we the go-to party company for incredible brands such as Nickelodeon, Bright Horizons, Heart radio, Pokemon and GOSH, but we also boast a huge line of celebrity clients. Our vision and passion to continually spread fun, joy and create memories throughout the country has got us featured on Sky News, The BBC, The Telegraph & The during the covid-19 period.

We are offering you the chance to join our adventure, by taking on your own Captain Fantastic Party Franchise. Our parties can be run successfully in person or online (depending on the Covid-19 situation) and are perfect for 1-11 year olds. Each party theme has been created by professional actors and are full of excitement, laughter and wellbeing.

the show must go on

Are you an aspiring performer who would like to earn £50k whilst leaving you with enough time and headspace to focus on other creative endeavours? 

Why join us?

If you’re a performer or a creative you know how hard it can be to make money. You’ve probably already done your fair share of soulless, low-paid jobs that leave you feeling drained and devoid of motivation. Alongside buying a Captain Fantastic Party franchise, you will also receive business training with our company owners and professional sales trainers. We will teach you how to utilise your performance skills in order to use them effectively for business, and you will automatically gain business skills that will benefit your acting career as you’ll learn how to market yourself in an overcrowded industry.

What we provide

children part franchise

You have the option to pay in instalments with a £4,995 deposit and monthly payments of £500 over 2 years, making the total cost £16,995.


We have great links with NatWest and RBS who are happy to provide business loans, subject to financial status.

You will aim to create partnerships, take bookings, market yourself locally and entertain at parties or manage your entertainers.

Not at all. We will train you on our processes and the correct way to build relationships. Confidence and activity are the most important attributes to become a thriving Franchise.

This job isn’t meant to run you into the ground, we all need to rest at times. This is why we have a central HQ that can help look after your ‘territory’ when you’re unavailable.

If you have the energy and confidence to be an entertainer that’s perfect, but if you’d rather solely focus on building the business as opposed to entertaining, this will also work. We will show you how to recruit entertainers and provide you with our scripts and training videos.