Social Distancing

We’ve all been in isolation for what seems like a lifetime, and eagerly anticipate the end of lockdown! It’s about time we’re allowed to socialise and celebrate with our friends and families, but it’s also important to remember that many things may take a little longer to get back to ‘normality’. One of those being children’s parties… But do not fear, Captain Fantastic is here!

We are extremely proud to have led the way in children’s entertainment throughout lockdown. We have been featured on Sky News, BBC, Heart Radio, Daily Mirror, The Telegraph and several other publications for our creative adaptability as a business and our passion to continue to spread fun, joy and happiness no matter what.

We’ve created a brand new concept of kids parties that incorporate social distancing in the cleverest and most creative ways; introducing our garden, park, doorstep & family parties, ensuring that all your cheeky monkeys are able to celebrate their special day in style.

The 'new normal' for kids parties

Our social distancing parties will be launched according to government guidelines (Currently this means no more than 30 people present – including the entertainer and adults.) Our parties will adhere to official rules and regulations at all times, to ensure we are entertaining safely and responsibly

  • We're introducing Garden, Park, Doorstep & Family Parties
  • Downloadable & safe party bag ideas
  • Clever games & routines created to make sure children stay at least 1m+ apart (2m where possible)
  • Each child gets their own space within our gridded dance floor, or hoops to ensure social distancing.
  • Every entertainer will carry hand sanitiser

We suggest that:

  • Any food tables have an empty seat between each child
  • You use sparklers instead of candles (to avoid germs spreading)
  • You provide pre-made lunch boxes

Magic Parties

Loads of magical themes to choose from including Superhero, Science, Princess & Pirate.

Let us entertain you (from a distance) either at your doorstep, in your garden, in the park or somewhere else that’s safe & suitable.

You could choose to host the party for your immediate family, or invite a small group of friends if it’s safe to do so. (Maximum numbers will apply to adhere to government guidelines – Currently this means no more than 30 people present – including the entertainer and adults.)

Challenge Parties

We have created a special Challenge Party just for social distancing that is perfectly suited for the garden or park.

Packed full of hilarious challenges & games such as blindfolded drawing, funny dares, dance competitions, a creative quiz and scavenger hunt to name just a few!

This clever new party can be just for your children, or catered to the entire family… Or better yet, battle (safely and at a distance) against other families.

* Current Government Guidelines only allow for no more than 30 people present – including the entertainer and adults.

"The show must go on"

"Fuelled by passion... and occasionally cake"

Who are they for?

Our social distancing parties are perfect for boys and girls aged 2-11 years old. We’ve also introduced family parties, so if it’s not safe to invite your friends, you can do the whole party as a family. Each social distancing party has been specifically designed for everyone to celebrate safely and have fun.

The benefit of choosing Captain Fantastic is that we are experts at what we do. Children’s party planning can often be stressful, but Captain Fantastic removes any hassle, leaving you and your guests free to enjoy the entertainment and create memories that last long after the dancing stops!

We may be going through a global pandemic, but we’re here to help you celebrate your little superheroes, who are bravely navigating their way through the chaos of this changing new world.

We aren’t quite there yet, but in preparation for the future, we have put together a Blog on the future of parties using Social Distancing measures.