“When I grow up, I want to be be a… SUPERHERO”

We’d all be lying if we said we hadn’t dreamed of becoming a Superhero at one point in our lives – and why wouldn’t we? From the incredible costumes and luscious locks to that one of a kind superpower, there’s a lot to be desired.

Between the Comic Books and the continuous flow of Marvel and DC movies, we have fuelled generations of budding Black Widows, wannabe Thors, and aspiring Spidermen. Most recently, we’ve seen the release of Marvel’s “Avengers: Endgame” which in all its greatness, seems to have cemented the Superhero hype – although, we think Captain Fantastic’s invite to the final Avengers battle might have gotten lost in the post…

…feeling of exclusion aside, it comes as no surprise that Superheroes continue to reign at the forefront of children’s (and adults) imaginations – yes, it’s okay to dream of being a Superhero at 45, 55… 105. 

Unfortunately, the chances of becoming a Superhero, in reality, are pretty slim, and unless you discover you’re the son or daughter of an Asgardian God, the chances of developing superpowers are equally as unlikely. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t encourage our little ones to use their imagination and pretend that they’re the strongest, most mighty Superhero in all the land – and at Captain Fantastic, that’s what we do best. Our Superhero Parties are designed to capture and enrich children’s imaginations all whilst having enough fun to make even the Hulk want to join in.

If you’re looking to throw a children’s party that makes you worthy enough to hold Thor’s hammer, here are a few tips on how to put the super in your Superhero party.

Make a Costume

Forget your mainstream heroes and let your little one get creative! Designing their very own Superhero persona means they can choose a hero name, select their superpowers and get crafty making a unique costume. They’ll have a great time showing off their one of a kind character!

Superhero Name Generator

To kick off your children’s party, why not play a superhero name generator game and allocate everyone (including adults) a unique hero name. For this, you’ll need 2 boxes/tubs and some paper. Fill 1 tub with descriptive words and the other with nouns to match (animal names, more descriptive words), then get guests to pull one bit of paper out of each box to generate a name. For the rest of the day, you will all go by your new hero name – simple and fun!

Slow-mo Superhero Contest

We’ve all watched movie scenes featuring the famous slow-motion Superhero run, and I bet we’ve all wanted to do it – go on, admit it, it looks pretty cool! Give party guests their opportunity to create their very own slow-motion run using the slow motion feature on a smartphone, or challenge them to attempt it in real time. Not only will this act as great entertainment, but it’ll encourage everyone to get involved. Plus, if you film it (with parents permission), it gives parents of party guests a nice keepsake from the day! 

Superhero Treats

It’s important for Superheroes to fuel up after a day of fighting to keep our planet safe – it’s not an easy job y’know! Here are some tasty treats that are in keeping with the theme:

Batman Sandwiches (made using a Batman cake cutter)

Hulk Rice Krispie cakes (made using food colouring)

Spiderman cupcakes (red cupcakes with a black spider on top)

Alternatively, you could give Superhero names to party food using signs on the table – I.E. Hulk Haribo. 

Most importantly, remember to have fun! Throwing parties for children can be stressful but the day is filled with magical memories which are important to cherish. However, if party planning isn’t your strongest superpower, let us be your sidekick!

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