Once upon a time, children’s parties were held in mum’s best room and revolved around jelly, ice cream and curly sandwiches, with a few rounds of pass the parcel thrown in to keep the kids occupied for a few minutes.

Children’s parties are organised hugely differently from the way they were just a few short years ago. One of the key aspects that has changed radically is the focus on themes. Today, kids’ party themes range from the simple to the truly outlandish. You get animal-themed parties, bubble parties, fancy dress parties, unicorn parties and, of course, princess parties. Holding a successful themed party is all about effort. The more effort you put into making sure your party is ‘on theme’ the more impressive your party is, but that doesn’t mean that throwing a party fit for a princess is a right royal mess. Organising a party fit for a princess really can be enormous fun as well as simple to hold, and we know exactly how to do it.

Dazzling Decorations

Nailing the decorations always makes a huge impact on the overall look and vibe of a party. The more attention you pay to the decorations, the more impressed your little guests will be when they arrive. Party decorations doesn’t just mean some colour-appropriate balloons and a bit of colourful bunting anymore. With a theme as fabulous as princesses, you’ll be spoilt for choice for decorations. Complete the look of your party venue with princess party plates, pretty napkins, crown-shaped straw toppers, crown confetti, princess bunting, garlands, paper pompoms and paper tiaras.

Exquisite Entertainment

How excited would you be if your favourite princess in the whole wide world came to your party? Consider booking some princess entertainment with an incredible Live Act to keep your little guests flabbergasted on the Big Day. There are plenty of games and activities that you can organise to keep the party buzzing too. A really popular activity for a princess party is to have a Ball where the children can dance to their hearts’ content. You could also have a fancy painting table and a photographer’s booth to commemorate the occasion with some photos that the children, as well as the parents, will treasure for years to come.

Princess party table spread

Scrumptious Snacks

Getting some princess-friendly nibbles prettily arranged on your decorated food table will certainly make your party guests giddy with excitement. For princess-appropriate party snacks, just think of all the traditional party food for kids’ parties and make them prettier. Dainty sandwiches, mini cakes like French Fancies, cupcakes, fruit skewers and cherry tomatoes all washed down with pink lemonade. Of course, if you’re theming the princess party around the Birthday Girl’s favourite princess, then try to customise the food around that specific princess, such as decorating the venue with pumpkins if the theme is Cinderella (very easy to do if the party is in October!) or frogs if the Birthday Girl loves Tiana from Disney’s The Princess and the Frog.  

Charming Cake

Cakes for children’s parties can be fantastically creative and imaginative. As a centrepiece for the room or the showstopper on the food table, they also help to finish off the look of the party venue. Whether you’re hiring a professional to create the cake for you, making it yourself or getting a baking-mad relative to help you out, there are endless options for the Birthday Girl’s edible birthday masterpiece. With a few well-chosen shop-bought decorations and some colourful icing, you can transform a homemade cake into the most splendid cake fit for a queen, let alone a princess.

Fabulous Fancy Dress  

With a princess theme in mind, everyone should easily be able to throw themselves into obtaining a costume for the day, if they don’t already have one! A wonderful way to finish off the day would be with a Princess Fashion Parade and a little prize going to the best dressed princess. Of course, to avoid disappointment, you could give away a few different prizes, such as Best Tiara, Best Shoes, Best Accessories, Best Hairdo, Best Dressed, Most Regal Walk, Most Princessy Wave and so on.

Princess Party Bags

Moving away from the traditional balloon, slab of icing-covered madeira and a party popper, party bags are a wonderful way to send your little guests home reeling with excitement after a day spent having fun with their friends. Think about adding some extra princessy touches into the bag. Adding items such as paper princess tiaras, wands or ‘gold coins and plastic rings or jewels would make a great princess party bag.’

By following our top tips, we’re sure your little princess will have the best birthday ever!

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