For grown-ups, Easter often represents an occasion to get together with your family to relax, celebrate and enjoy some much-needed time together, whereas for children, Easter can be a tremendous opportunity to have fun!

Alongside birthday parties and Christmas, throwing a children’s Easter party is one of the fastest growing children’s party trends for families, communities and societies. What’s more, Easter parties are no longer just about the traditional Easter egg hunt around the garden or local park – families have gone ‘hopping mad’ for any Easter-related activities and games that get kids and adults up and about. If you’re planning an Easter party and want to get your guests bouncing (pre-chocolate consumption presumably!) then check out our list of recommended Easter activities and games that’ll have all your guests feeling egg-cited, whether they’re 3 years old, or 93.

Easter themed party invitations

When planning any party, whether it’s a wedding or a birthday or for any other occasion, the first thing to think of is getting the invitations sent out as soon as possible, so that you’re giving your guests plenty of notice. If you have young children, then making your own invitations is a fabulous activity for a wet and rainy weekend to keep them busy. If you’re doing this then try to keep your guest list small as young children might become easily bored of making too many of the same cards. An eggstremely easy design that you can replicate with your little one(s) is to buy some pastel coloured card and some child-safe yellow paint. You will also need a brown felt tip pen and an orange one, as well as a pen to write your message on the front and inside the card. Pour a little of the yellow paint into a saucer or paint bowl. Fold the piece of card in half so that it can stand up like a traditional greetings card. Then, using your index finger, or thumb, make finger prints on to the front of the card with the yellow paint at random. Leave the card to dry. Repeat on the rest of your cards. When the cards are dry write a message on to the front of the card, like ‘Hoppy Easter’, ‘Happy Easter’, ‘Easter Greetings’, etc. Take the brown felt tip pen and draw bird legs on to the yellow finger print marks so that they start to resemble little chicks. Using the orange felt tip add some beaks to the birds, and voila! your card is finished. All that remains is to write your party invitation inside the card, pop it into an envelope and post it.

Make your own easter decorations

As the Big Day approaches, get ready to have some more crafty fun with your little ones by making the decorations for the party with them. Like making the party invitations, this is a great activity to do one wet weekend. There are all sorts of Easter decorations you can get your children to make, and even better if you can get them to make a few of them as the mix of bright colours, patterns and shapes will really liven up your party area.

Easter activities for everyone to enjoy

Everyone’s heard of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, well how about a quick game of Pin the Tail on the Rabbit? This is a fun and easy to make game that everyone will enjoy and recognise straight away. If you want an activity to keep children happy and quiet that will allow the adults at the party a little time and space to chat and socialise then a colouring in table is a great way to make that possible! Make the table look as appealing as possible by decorating the area around it with your homemade decorations. There are all sorts of Easter-themed colouring patterns available online and in craft stores. You’ll need to stock up on plenty of crayons and felt tips for the day itself. There’s nothing worse than having crowds of disappointed children gathering around you begging for more pens, or, worse still, fighting for the only working yellow felt tip! An egg and spoon race is another traditional party game that still appeals to everyone. Organising an egg and spoon race requires very little effort and garners eggseptional results! This is a great activity to hold before the main event of the party, the Easter Egg Hunt. To minimise the mess, or if you or your guests are vegan, you could invest in some plastic eggs for your egg and spoon race.

Easter themed party food

Going to town on creating some Easter-themed party food has a cracking effect on the overall look of your party. Themed food is a sure-fire way to get people oohing and aahing about a party for days to come and Easter is just as simple an occasion to theme food around as Christmas. Even fussy eaters will be able to find something they enjoy with very little effort from yours truly. The quintessential Easter-themed party food is, of course, the chocolate cornflake Easter egg nest, which everyone remembers making as a child. For a healthier treat, how about providing the Easter Bunny’s favourite snack? Carrot sticks with hummus!

Easter egg hunt

This is quite rightly the star event of any Easter-themed party and is an activity that everyone enjoys. Decide whether you want to provide your guests with baskets, or if you are keen to keep the costs to a minimum tell your guests to bring their own basket, bag or bucket, so that they have something to keep their findings in. Then decide whether to give your children and guests clues to the treasure, or whether you want them to run wild inside or outside your home! Giving clues for an Easter egg hunt is a great idea if you want to keep people confined to certain areas. It’s also a great way to get little children to practice their literacy skills and to develop their cognitive reasoning. Before hosting your party, make sure the space you are using is safe for children (and adults), particularly if you intend to hold the event in a local public space like a park.


Visit from the easter bunny

To really finish off your Easter party in style, consider hiring a rabbit costume so that your little ones get to say Hoppy Easter to the star of the show. This is a great way to draw the party to a close as the Easter Bunny could present each child with a party bag or gift to say thank you for coming and getting involved before they head home. This is even more effective if you hire a professional children’s entertainer as they can combine their carefully honed skills like balloon animal making with handing out a party bag.

Easter parties are an eggciting occasion for your whole family to get together and celebrate this Easter. They are made so much more fun with a bit of care and attention being spent on the finer details. The more time and attention you give your party, the more likely it is to be a huge success.

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