Make sure your little monsters don’t miss out on the Halloween fun this year. Join our virtual trick or treating experience over Zoom!

Captain Fantastic has been kidnapped and it’s your job to go door to door meeting the various residents of Spooksville and gather clues, complete challenges (and collecting plenty of sweets along the way!) in order to find him!

With live actors behind each door, this is the 2020 way to do Trick or Treating from the safety of your living room!

Will you make it to the last door and save the Captain?…

31st October – Multiple start times.

Each show lasts approx. 45 minutes

Suitable for 4-10 years.







Or Call us – 07554421626


A trick-or-treating adventure! The very confused Mayor of Spooksville welcomes you to the town and asks you to please keep your eyes peeled for the missing Captain Fantastic! Go door-to-door meeting Igor, Wendy ‘the Friendly’ Witch, Count Spatula the Vegetarian Vampire and last but not least, Dr Zob. If you knock on the doors, shout “trick-or-treat!”, complete all the challenges, and find Captain Fantastic, you’ll be sure to get lots of treats (and maybe some tricks) along the way!

The show lasts approximately 45minutes

A ticket is for a whole family or household sharing a screen

The show is designed for children aged 4 – 10yrs

Yes! The spookier the better!

Aside from a piece of paper and some coloured pencils the only thing you need to have are sweets to hand over when the actors tell you to!

We ask that you join the meeting no earlier than 5minutes before your time slot so as not to be mixed up in an earlier time slot. Equally we ask that where possible you are not late to the time slot you have booked. However, if for whatever reason you are late, we will simply try to slot you in to the next available showtime so you don’t miss out!

Yes! If you email us directly at [email protected] we can book a whole show out for you and up to 15 other screens for £125! This is a perfect way to celebrate an autumnal birthday with your child’s friends in a fun but totally Covid-safe way.