Weekend Activities for A Rainy Day

rainy day

Doris took the UK by storm (terrible, I know) and has us scratching our heads when it comes to indoor weekend activities for the kids. Maybe you feel you’ve exhausted all ideas already, or just need a little inspiration. If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Make and Do

So this seems like an obvious one but many of us avoid anything arty for fear of causing an endless pit of mess, however, there are ways of structuring these activities.

Instead of leaving children to their own devices with a pile of pens, glue, glitter and card; separate the individual items into little pots and supervise their approach. Ask them to create specific things. Maybe you are visiting their grandparents soon? Ask them to create cards with messages. Start by letting them choose the card, talk to them about their ideas and let them have access to each tool, one at a time. They will enjoy your involvement and it will give their activity purpose!

To lift spirits, why not create ‘rainy day’ piggy banks? Use any old jar or tin that can have a slot cut into the top (consult hubby) and let them stick, glue and glitter! Teach them to ‘save for a rainy day’.

kids craft

Play Centres

They are getting bigger and better. Even as adults, we sometimes find ourselves itching to try the slides and zip-wires! Kid’s World was our 6-year-old self’s favourite place. It will keep them amused for hours. Take a friend, grab a coffee and relax. Additionally, it will tire them out and you will have no trouble getting them to sleep!

We are also fans of Big Space in Harpenden. If you’re lucky, you might even catch us there too!

Get a haircut

It does not have to be a boring event for your child. There are lots of places that will endeavour to create a fun experience for your child. Little Roots salon has themed chairs and screens to entertain children and Maxwell’s do simple hair and make-up packages for any aspiring princess which is also the perfect prep for a princess party

weekend activities

Movie Marathon

We believe in screen time in moderation and, sometimes, a Disney movie marathon is the perfect excuse to get the family together, with blankets, pillows and giant bowls of popcorn. Stay in the warm, you don’t need negative weather in your lives…

Embrace It

There was a time, a long long time ago, when we were young and enjoyed jumping in puddles and getting muddy! If you live near a park or woods, why not embrace the rain and go for a nice wet and muddy walk!
rainy day

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