With the launch of our NEW ‘Spy Party’ package this month and the newest James Bond film, here are some of our own top party ideas to help you create your own unique Spy Party!


Small cards with small writing – A technique that is rather simple, perfect for parents without a lot of time.

Choose the paper you want to use for your invitations and cut it into small squares. Alternatively, you can buy small plain postcards or similar – you are aiming for A5 or even A6 size paper cards. Now use a pen, write as small as you possibly can so anyone will have problems reading what you wrote. It could take a couple of tries to perfect the size of the writing. However, in the end you will have small writing on small paper, perfect for a spy party! Your guests will need a magnifying glass to read what is written, creating a secret only for them.

Spy Party Decoration

‘Secret Agent’ neck straps – When your guests arrive, give each child a ‘Secret Agent’ neck strap, with a personalised card hanging from it, containing the child’s name, date and a fun mission. If there is enough time, each child can place their fingerprint on the piece of paper too.

Police Tape – Using Police or Crime scene tape (this can be purchased from most fancy dress and party shops), simply wrap it around the entrance of your house. Or even better, the entrance to the room where all the fun will be happening! This is to signal where the crime scene will be or where the secret mission will start!

Briefcases – Are always mysterious! Every secret agent uses one to carry Top Secret files, gadgets and so much more. You can use a black briefcase for this, or make your own by painting a box. A white med-kit with a red cross on top of it would work too! Fill your case with different coloured drinks, snacks and and even party accessories for your guests to discover.

Laser Beams! – Easy to create and loads of fun to play with! You can use any red string for this. You will just need to make sure it is the right length, as you will need it to reach from one side of your room to the other. Measure how much you need before cutting anything, by asking your child to hold one end to the wall while you walk to the other side. Do this a couple of times, at lots of different angles across the room, cutting the string each time you are satisfied. Afterwards, use sellotape to stick the red string to both sides of the room, creating a ‘laser beam’ maze for your guests to go through!

Spy Party Bags

One idea that we love is to use black or white party bags (black suitcases would really fit if you have a big budget) with red ‘Top Secret’ stickers stuck on. Alternatively, you can simply use a red marker to write on one side, still creating the mysterious party theme.

Inside we recommend the following:

-Note card detailing what their missions were during the day.

-Certificate congratulating them on a mission well done.

-Magnifying glass

-Notepad. (maybe with another ‘Top Secret’ sticker on top)

-Plastic handcuffs or a pen to go with the notepad.

Spy Party Games & Activities

Find the bomb!

One of the games we recommend is: Find the bomb!

Blow up enough black balloons to cover the floor of the room you are in, filling them with regular air, not helium. Inside one lucky balloon, insert loads of red or multicoloured confetti before you blow it up. Explain to the kids they need to pop all the “bombs” in a certain time period and the player who pops the “bomb” (the one filled with confetti) is the winner!

Laser Beam Musical Statues (use the laser beams as suggested above)

Prepare a playlist of music from all the spy movies you can think of. Explain to the kids the next activity is a challenge, where all the spies need to get through the ‘laser beams’ safely and into the other side of the room… while playing musical statues!

The birthday child can be in charge of the music if they like or they could join the fun with the other children!

The Cake

So what should the cake look like? The options are endless! Some of our favourite ideas include a trench coat, magnifying glass, a question mark, a large fingerprint with swirled icing on top, or a round black bomb with a sparkler “fuse” on top.

Or you could have a bakery airbrush the silhouette of a shadowy figure carrying a briefcase to continue with the mysterious theme. To get the same look at home, cut the shape out from black rolled fondant.

To decorate your cake, you can make crime-scene investigation tape out of yellow and black fondant and drape it across a cake. And if the birthday kid is a James Bond fan, you could top the cake with a “007” or “009” or “010” or whatever age the child is turning.

Speaking of Spy Parties! 

Captain Fantastic is launching a NEW birthday party package!

Check it out on our party page!

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