It’s dress-up time! Every kid’s favourite word! 

There is nothing kids take to like a duck to water more than fantasy play time. Do you ever remember at pre-school when it was time to raid the dressing up box for a costume? You were Superman or a Spanish dancer or a policeman and you chased each other around and giggled the hours away in your own little imaginary world. Time flew by as fast as lightning and it was the most natural thing! Although dress up and role play has the classic fun and entertainment aspect for children, have you ever wondered what other positives it brings to the table? Today we talk about why role-play is so important for children and look at what other benefits children get other than pleasure from it.

Imaginary play has been widely recognised as a massively important part of child development for years. Back in the 19th Century, American psychologists and educators began to study behavioural development in babies and young children. So how does role play benefit children then?

It develops social skills

If you think about it, role play is a sociable act. The kids are talking to one another. Reality disappears and children take on another persona. Studies have shown that success at school has come from children’s ability to interact with others, which is why developing great social skills is so important from a very early age. Through pretending to be a shopkeeper or a bank teller, they develop the skills they need to interact with their peers. This includes learning self-control and respect for others.

Language and Communication Skills

Role play generally involves verbal communication. When kids engage in a fantasy role play situation, they copy language that they’ve heard in Disney cartoons and films or television shows. This type of play helps listening and communication skills.

Cognitive Development

Role play comes from things children learned in life experiences, such as visiting the supermarket, going on holiday, or a trip to the dentist. Children practice problem-solving skills during these activities, such as pretending to pay for things with imaginary money, or perhaps pouring imaginary tea into cups at a tea party and serving mud pies! During this kids learn reasoning and decision making.

Physical Development

Through role play kids can learn hand-eye coordination, along with other skills such as tying laces, fastening and buttoning when trying costumes on, to bringing the toys or props out then putting them away again, all these contribute to learning skills that they will need in everyday life.

Grab your little ones today and enjoy a game of dress up! The options are endless, you can go anywhere from your own front room and even an old curtain or bed sheet for a costume!

Try some role play fun with your kids today and see how much fun you all have while developing their skills.

Feeling fantastic?

If you’d like to share any of your party antics or even funny stories with us, we would love to hear from you.

Keep your eyes peeled for our next blog post about 10 of the best kids party venues in London! That’s all from us for now!

Until next time, fantastic wishes from me!

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