Party bags are a tradition that seems to have gotten more generous over the years. What was once a small slice of cake in a bag can now be something more like a “goody bag”, filled with all sorts of treats and trinkets. If you’re looking to impress your guests with party bags that the kids will love, we’ve put together some inspiring ideas below that can be used when splashing out or kept budget friendly – the choice is yours.

What is a party bag?

A party bag is a small bag containing gifts which the host gives to guests as a way of saying ‘thanks for coming’. It typically includes some birthday cake and small items such as sweets, a notepad and some crayons. Recipients tend to all receive the same items, although some party bags can be personalised for a more individual ‘thank you’.

Party bag ideas that kids will love

If you’re looking for party bag contents that kids will love, you’re in the right place. Check out some of these thoughtful ideas that are sure to get the children beaming as they open them. Make it a party to remember and let you guests know how much you appreciate them for coming.

Budget friendly party bag ideas

  • Glow-in-the-dark stickers

Cheap and cheerful, children will love to stick these in their bedrooms so they can admire them at night-time.

  • Small pot of Play-Doh

Great for keeping little ones entertained in the car on the way back home from the party.

  • Mini water pistol

Maybe not one for the car but a toy that will be greatly received, we’re sure!

  • Bubbles

Loved by all ages, this simple activity creates entertainment for hours.

  • Bouncy ball

Easy on the purse strings, a little bouncy ball can be carried everywhere for when little ones need something to keep them occupied.

Impressive party bag gift ideas

  • Customised cookies

You can order these in or have a go at baking them yourself. By personalising each cookie to the individual, it makes for a really thoughtful party gift.

  • Polaroid picture

Set up a photo booth in the party where guests can take selfies with a polaroid camera. As the party draws to a close, pop each polaroid into everyone’s party bag as a reminder of how much fun they had.

  • Mini board game

Great for travelling, the child’s parents will thank you for this one!

  • Colouring book and felt-tip pens

Almost all children enjoy colouring so what better way than to say thanks for coming to the party?

  • A storybook

You can pick themed books to suit each child and encourage them to practise their reading.

We hope you feel inspired to fill your party bags with all sorts of treats and treasures now. Most importantly, enjoy the party and have fun with your child. Take note from what Idris Elba @idriselba said: “You have to be goofy with your kids. Life isn’t so serious.”

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