Our Team

Captain Fantastic   All our staff here at Captain Fantastic are committed to providing second-to-none quality entertainment. We understand the importance of fully engaging the party audience’s attention to make sure your child has a blast, and to keep them completely captivated so the adults can sit back and relax!     rocket-ship01   tommybio

Tommy Balaam

Tommy has the ability to take any situation to Narnia. Whilst some might call this ‘distracted’, we prefer to refer to it as creative genius! As an entertainment specialist, Tommy has perfected his talent and harboured the ability to engage and react to any audience! Especially a room full of excitable, sugar-fuelled and crazy kids!

Tommy trained as an actor graduated from East 15 Acting School in 2009 following many years of pursuing his passion within performing arts. As well as having roles in various films and commercials, he has always had a love and commitment to music and performed regularly with a band.

His wealth of performance experience combined with his creativity and flair are at the heart and soul of the Captain Fantastic brand. Tommy believes in making memories, and puts in every effort into make your special occasion, truly unforgettable.

Ricky Fox

The man who’s energy and enthusiasm is often compared to that of an excitable puppy. Cute and cuddly? That’s a matter of opinion and we will leave you to decide! Ricky is consistently commended by our customers for the amount of passion and attention to detail he delivers at every one of his parties!rickybio

Born to entertain: from a young age he was twirling and singing for the masses! At 16, he studied Musical Theatre at the BRIT School performing alongside Adele & Jessie J, both who were in his year group! From there he continued to pursue his passions and attended East 15 Acting School where he achieved a BA Hons in Acting & later trained in dance and became a profession Modern Jive dance teacher!

Now branded by his friend as a ‘professional idiot’, he couldn’t be happier.

Ricky strives to spark life and energy in to the world of children’s entertainment and is always looking for new and exciting ways to entertain. He believes the success of Captain Fantastic is down to all of his fellow captains, being young and vibrant actors.


skyebioSkye Balaam

Although Skye does not deliver any of the entertainment for the parties, she has a great understanding of the industry after following a musical path, performing with a band, choirs and studying Music Technology at Cambridge Regional College. Working with premium and big brands such as BMW & T-mobile has given Skye the tools and knowledge to develop a solid experience for our customers.  As well as co-ordinating the marketing and systems activity for the company, she is also overseeing the franchising of the business.  

All of our entertainers and Dj’s are:

  • Trained actors and performance professionals
  • Regularly assessed to ensure we maintain a consistent high standard of quality
  • Carry £10 million public liability insurance
  • CRB certified
  • Thoroughly and personally trained by the company owners.
Our friendly office staff will always be happy to assist with any questions and enquiries you have.