It seems like the whole of the UK is currently in limbo – Over hygiene! Lots of parents and organisers contemplating postponing celebrations for their children and the community. We are all aware of the uncertainty surrounding the Coronavirus so we wanted to give some top tips and tricks to those who are planning parties to keep everyone smiling and as safe as possible – Let’s face it, it’s times like these where we need as much fun and positivity as we can!

Sparklers Are More Hygiene Friendly Than Candles

If you think about it, blowing out candles can be pretty unhygienic! At Captain Fantastic we’ve started suggesting to parents to use sparklers instead of candles.
Sparklers create a fountain of crazy sparks that get a much bigger and more excited reaction from the kids, and the smell they give us brings back memories of fireworks night. It’s an easy and fun method to keep the bacteria at bay – Why not give it a try?


Wash hands before food

Why not make hygiene a bit more fun? Birthday parties are nothing without singing, so why not sing the birthday song out loud while washing your hands? The recommended time for you to wash your hands is the time it takes to sing the entire song twice! The children will love it, you’ll be sure their hands are clean and it helps stop the bacteria from spreading!

On top of all this, wet wipes are a must right now! 

Wet wipes are a quick and easy way to wipe away those germs and help reduce bacteria spreading! Hand gel is also amazing for a simple hand wash when kids are having too much fun to want to stand by a sink and scrub away!

So don’t forget your little bottles and wipes to not have to worry later!

Making sneezing ‘Cool’

We have been told that sneezing or coughing into your elbow is hygiene friendly and can effectively prevent germs from spreading.

Most children don’t know this or forget to do it – this is why we have been encouraging kids to dab when they sneeze! Their arms are in a perfect position to sneeze whilst dabbing. Just another clever way to stop spreading germs – abraca-dab-ra!

Science Party wrapped in paper

Labelled cups – Hygiene Friendly

Every party, big or small, needs some sort of a seating plan. Especially if your child gets to choose where and with who they would sit with, which is an extremely important matter! 

We suggest labelling everyone’s cup with their names on. This is both beneficial and fun as it helps stop germs spreading between children drinking from the same cup. You can even make the children create their own name labels with some funky coloured pens or arts and craft.

Parents Wellbeing

Everyone knows how stressful planning a party can be, and with so much else to worry about, you don’t want to miss something crucial! If you’re looking for a step-by-step Guide on how you can plan and host a party that dreams are made of then take a look at this fantastic guide:


Most Importantly, Have Fun!

Parties are a huge success when everyone is safe and having fun! We hope that after all these tips you will feel more confident hosting and going to parties.

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