If you have children born at a similar time of year, or twins even, you may be looking for ways to throw a joint birthday. It’s a great way to celebrate the birthday of more than just one special person and can help you economise. If your child shares their birthday with a very close friend, then this might be another good opportunity to throw a joint birthday party. The trend for joint birthday parties amongst siblings, classmates, best friends and cousins is rapidly increasing, with some seeing it as the “reverse of the ‘Let’s Outdo the Joneses’ mentality… Parents are returning to sensible and reasonable parties, instead of excessive parties”. The benefits of throwing a joint birthday party are not to be sniffed at, with two families sharing the burden of the cost and the workload. What’s more, there are many fun activities that can be planned and incorporated into the event, ensuring that you can make both birthday people feel like a million dollars without incurring a huge bill.

Check out our Five Top Tips for making sure your little one’s birthday goes with a bang!

Pick a theme

When throwing a party for just one child, a theme can be helpful, but when you’re throwing a birthday party for two children, nailing a theme becomes crucial. If you’re having a joint party with a classmate or friend of your child then not only do you have to keep two children happy, you also have to keep two families happy! Quite the challenge. In this situation, be prepared to have some lengthy conversations about the other child’s likes and dislikes with their mum or dad. If it looks like there’s no theme that both children like, then say straight away if you think a joint party won’t work – just try to say it diplomatically. Your up-front honesty will pay off in the long run by saving you endless hours of stressful tongue-biting. One great way to keep both children happy is to avoid anything specific theme-wise, and opt instead for a more general or ‘far out’ theme like a beach party, circus party, or even a luau. If this simply won’t work, consider combining two different themes. Have a pirate–dinosaur party, if that’s what you think both kiddos would love. Who will care about the lack of continuity when the two birthday people have huge smiles across their faces on the Big Day? If that means having a dance off in one corner of the room, whilst an archaeological dig for dinosaur fossils happens in the other, well then, so be it!

Fabulous Food

Providing fabulous food is of course the secret to making any party a success, and that applies to children’s parties too. Food is an easy way to highlight any party’s theme and making their favourite dish is a great way to celebrate someone’s birthday. There are so many incredible ways to make your party food fit a theme that you’ll be lost for choice once you start investigating your options. Cupcakes are extremely versatile and can be decorated to suit any theme. Sandwiches and pizza can be easily cut into different shapes with a few theme-friendly cookie cutters.

Two Cakes

It’s recommended that there are two birthday cakes when you’re having a joint party, particularly if it’s a party for two classmates or friends. That way everyone feels special and gets the cake of their dreams. After all, a cake is the most important party of a birthday, as even the most grown-up of adults will tell you. Two birthday cakes might sound like a lot, but there could be twice the mouths to feed if you’re throwing a joint birthday party with your child’s classmate, best friend or cousin.

3 tier celebration cake

Neutral Space (unless it’s a sibling party)

Not only does this save you the panic of running around cleaning your house in the 24 hours prior to the party, it also means you can relax on the day without worrying about the mess that the party is making in either your own or the other parents’ home. In a neutral space, both families can let their hair down and relax. What’s more, your combined pennies might mean that you’ll be able to hire a room or space in a truly fabulous place!

Celebrate at home with your immediate family too

This is just as important if you’re throwing a joint birthday for siblings or twins. Treating them as individuals by giving them some one-on-one birthday celebrations reminds them how special they are. This doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. It can be as simple as cooking their favourite meal and pudding for dinner on different nights. If it’s an extra-special birthday, then you could invite extended family over to help you round off the celebrations. A joint birthday party is a great way to teach your children about sharing, but it’s also important to make your child, or children, feel good as an individual and to have the best birthday ever.

For more exciting ways to create memorable, one-of-a-kind birthday parties explore our site, or get in touch with a member of our expert team today.

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