School? But I don’t wanna!

Yes, parents, we know it’s still a few weeks away ’til the rascals are back in class but it will creep up before you can say schoolbag! It’s time to get organised. But what if the words ‘back to school’ fill you and your family with dread? If members of your mini-gang are running for cover at the sheer mention of it, it’s time to rethink their motivation and get a plan in place!

Be a detective!

Gauge your little ones’ genuine interest levels in school. The chances are that they may not really be dreading school, they may just think it’s uncool to say they’re excited about going, especially in front of their friends or siblings! Why not chat to them about the school and its facilities? Talk about gym or playtime, ask how long they get for breaks, who their friends are, if they’re gonna be in the same class as their chums. Do they know who their teacher is, do they like the teacher? What topics are they interested in? What about eating, chat about school lunches, who they will eat with. Try to find out how they really feel about the school experience and see if there is anything in particular that’s troubling them and put a positive spin on it.

Starting a new school?

What if your child is starting a new school? The thought of it can be daunting for both your child and for you! Why not get your child excited about it by visiting the new school a couple of times over the summer holidays to get them used to the idea of going there? Even just pop up to the gates or sneak into the playground and if you can, peek inside the classrooms (if you’re allowed) and see what’s in store. This will really help for your child’s adjustment to the new place.

Big zeds and bedtime bliss…

Getting up for school in the morning is definitely not as exciting as going to Disneyland or even better, a Captain Fantastic Party! A shock to the system isn’t good for young brains. Why not make bedtime a positive occasion? If you get them into a routine of going to bed and waking up at school time a few weeks before the big day, it will really benefit them as their body clocks will get ready. If you can get them off for big zeds at the time they would normally on a school night, it will really help. If you’re finding it difficult to get them off to sleep, encourage some quality wind down time with quiet reading before bed. Teeth brushing, dimmed lights and preparing for the following day can all get your little one in the mood for the sandman.

Good luck!

If you would like to share any of your kids back to school antics or even funny stories with us, we would love to hear from you.

Keep your eyes peeled for our next blog post about why pets are great for children! That’s all for now!

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